Summer☆Twinkle is the fourth chapter of the first installment in the light novel series.


A guilty Doremi tries to help Hazuki with her problem after realizing she has been oblivious to it. But will the girls find themselves involved in something more dangerous?


Doremi reveals its been a few days since they paid Onpu a visit and since then she's gotten into a disagreement with Hazuki. She feels a heavy remorse for not noticing it sooner and she decides to explain what happened.


Lately, Doremi has began realizing how much busier her life is in comparison to when she was a child. Now she notices the cherry blossoms beginning to fall, but she can't remember the flowers around her house. By now she's used to doing her school work well and working at the Maho-do again, but because she's focused on her own problems she feels as if she lost focus on everything else. Aiko is convinced that it's always been like this, but Doremi mentions her intention to slow own and calm down once she entered high school.

About a week ago when Hazuki came to the Maho-do, Aiko noticed she seemed off and asked her if it was a test that put her in a poor mood. As they made conversation Doremi began to ramble on about already being given tests despite just finishing the entrance exams, not paying them any mind. Hazuki and Aiko chat about how difficult the year is so far but Aiko reasons this is only because they are freshman. After a moment Hazuki apologizes for not showing up as often as they do, and Doremi is annoyed as she recalls the rainy weather preventing them from getting customers.

Since Hazuki and Aiko were both given a break from their lessons and training, the trio decided to just meet up at the Maho-do for some girl-time by making tea and cookies. They also turned off a couple of the shops lights before they began having personal talk, and in this time Majorika convinced Hazuki to reveal the truth.


Doremi momentarily breaks the story to reveal that this is when things got messy between her and Hazuki, and as she thinks back to it, she wants to scream because of her poor treatment towards her best friend and not noticing her feelings.

Hazuki began as she recalls the glances and peeks other students were giving her, and when she would look their way they hurriedly looked elsewhere. She tried asking but they wouldn't answer. After Aiko and Lala comment on this she reveals she has become target of an Ura Site that has been attacking Karen Girls' Academy as of late, but because of Hazuki's gentle and reserved nature they were hoping nobody would believe the rumors and they would die down. Doremi brings up that Ura Sites usually lie and people use them to vent their own frustrations and problems, but Majorika calls it bullying and complains, with the girls capable of telling she's a lot more concerned than she lets on. Doremi then begins to think about how often she skipped school for personal reasons- like not wanting to study, sleeping in because she stayed up too late, or because she didn't want to run a marathon in PE. This makes her feel greedy and worry she is too easygoing, but she claims even if Misora had an Ura Site she wouldn't participate in it.

However, in her time worrying over her selfishness, Doremi realizes she is no longer as self-aware as she used to be regarding the feelings of others. If she sees someone looking sad she's began assuming its for the same reason she was, like being tired. She had no idea her best friend was affected in such lengths.

Suddenly, Doremi openly claims she hates herself, confusing everyone until she explains her feelings. Hazuki apologizes as she was sure the ordeal would have blown over, she didn't expect it to wind out of control. She begins to cry and they quickly attempt comforting her and Aiko tells her to come to them if a crisis occurs next time, because even if they attend different schools they can still help her.

After a couple hours Majorika suggests the girls head home, until she believes she saw someone approaching the shop. But after opening the door she finds nobody there. Doremi proclaims she is hungry and this cheers Hazuki up. The girls share a laugh at Doremi's expense before they clean up and thank Majorika and Lala. Then they leave and head for home. 


While everyone hoped the rumors and slander would fade it never did. More bad things began to get posted with each passing day.

Doremi asks Hazuki if she has any allies at the Karen Girls Academy and she discusses her friend, a girl named Riko Mukai. She was the one to show Hazuki the Ura Site to begin with -Doremi describes her as a frivolous girl who looks out for Hazuki and befriended her pretty quickly- and as they prepare to go, the girls ask that Hazuki introduce them to her sometime. She agrees and Doremi takes relief in knowing Hazuki has many friends on her side. Besides herself, Aiko, Majorika, Lala, and Riko, she also has Tamaki.

This leads Doremi to think the person posting on the Ura Site may be doing it out of jealousy as they don't have many friends, but she also wishes this person would have openly confronted her rather than resort to this. Being a simple-minded girl this was the only conclusion she could reach; especially since she herself hosts some envy towards Hazuki, given her wealth and talent. But she also loves her family, and she's spent many years working hard at the things she is good at now. Doremi compares herself to Hazuki by thinking about how subjects like English and Classics are finally making sense to her, so while she may not know the best ways of doing things, she does realize she's learned so much over the years and met so many wonderful friends. She also realizes that had she voiced her jealousy about others, she feels she would be like this horrible person posting those mean things online. 

Being reminded of her virtues and what Doremi thinks about the person, Hazuki tried continuing to ignore the posts from the Ura Site and continue with her life normally, but more and more students began bothering her and she gained more unwanted attention. Every time she came by the Maho-do, Hazuki was full of sighs and no answers. But one day Aiko got a brilliant idea and they decided to consult Onpu, with Aiko explaining that Onpu was a good choice because she's had experience. Onpu agrees to help and checks out the website before coming up with some ideas for Hazuki on how to deal with this.

In the mean time, Doremi suggests they use magic to make it go away but Hazuki wishes to solve this as much as she can on her own. She also is concerned that she may have deserved this so she wishes to learn more about how this began. Doremi and Aiko agree, though they warn her not to overdo it and Hazuki leaves for home.


Days later, the girls are alarmed when a crying Hazuki runs inside, announcing her refusal to go to school anymore. Realizing its about the Ura Site, the girls borrow a computer from Majorika to check it out, where they find a picture of Hazuki and Yada-Kun outside a Love Hotel. Before they can ask Hazuki quickly claims nothing happened and that they would only meet at that location to chat. She had a lesson and he had to get some ingredients for his part-time job. Aiko and Doremi do not believe what was wrote with the picture, but they see other posts verifying the event that took place and they note that the original poster was trailing Hazuki and tried speaking to her.

The girls ask Hazuki if she is often out alone and she reminds them that Onpu told her to avoid being out of her home by herself since it would be harder to make those lies seem real. She also mentions that she had been with a few people as often as she could, including Doremi and Aiko on the days they were coming to the Maho-do. 

At this point the girls start to worry that Hazuki has a stalker since they know her entire schedule and even about Yada, although she's only told them about dating him. Aiko believes that the poster may even know the exact paths that Hazuki takes as they seem to target her on the days she has part-time and a free day from lessons. The girls come up with a plan to use a decoy to lure the person out -with Doremi admitting that she's excited even though its a bad situation- and they email Onpu to give her an update. She also believes this is a bad idea but it may be for the best if it puts an end to the Ura Site.


Two days later, Hazuki saw some classmates come to the shop and when they began discussing their upcoming summer plans for the upcoming vacation. Hazuki joined them and claimed she would be paying the beach a visit, and before then she planned on visiting the mall near the train station in order to check out the swimsuits. Hazuki sends Doremi an email, who informed Aiko about this, who in response tells Doremi to help Hazuki say something provocative to cause more rumors. Doremi is confused by this, as she thought it was already heading in that direction.

After school, Doremi and Hazuki met up and went to the Mall together. Aiko, being unknown by the students of the Karen Girls Academy decided to disguise herself and stood in a nearby corner to wait for someone suspicious to show up. They also brought along Lala, disguised in her cat form. In order to look the part and blend in, Doremi and Hazuki discuss swimsuits while comparing and observing them in one of the shop. They notice many girls surrounding them but none of them are familiar, so in hopes of their gambit being raised they decide to look over some sexier swimsuits.

A couple minutes pass when they hear the shutter of a phone camera. Aiko and Lala quickly run towards the sound, along with Hazuki and Doremi to find a girl up ahead, who they try reaching but she escapes in the crowd and nobody recognized her. When Lala notes the girl seemed about their age and was acting suspicious, Aiko rushes up ahead to take a chance and manages to latch onto the mysterious girl- only to find Tamaki, who happened to be dressed the same way.

The girls are very surprised by this and apologize for their mistake and explain what's been going on. Doremi is rather confused to know that Tamaki doesn't know much about it, but she claims this is because she doesn't care for Ura Sites. Doremi points out that because the attacks are growing, they wanted to try to find the culprit today, and after criticizing the person Tamaki leaves, with Doremi expressing remorse over not finding out why Tamaki was dressed so strangely.

By now the girls are beginning to feel hopeless and Aiko mentions that Tamaki probably isn't involved and this person works alone. With no alternate choice they realize they have to use magic. 


The next morning they discovered the true culprit but Hazuki refuses to accept it as she recalls what happened at the shop. She noticed Riko appeared to be sick and at one point she collapsed during the school day and brought her to the nurses office. But while tending to her, Hazuki overheard her speak in her sleep about the Ura Site.

By now she's reduced to tears again and notes how she took a break from her violin lessons for the time being. She couldn't ask Riko about what she heard as her friend, so in hopes of comforting her, Aiko and Doremi offer to visit her with Hazuki as they wouldn't be able to use magic to confirm this. Doremi mentions to the readers she is somewhat surprised, because at one point everyone suspected Riko, but they assumed they were wrong and dropped it.


The following day Hazuki calls Riko and asks to meet her in the Park nearby, and they impatiently waited until she finally showed up, with Aiko freaking out on her -to the point she slipped into her Kansei dialect- until they could calm her. Riko denied everything until they provide her with evidence, Aiko pointing out that she was with them when they checked out the swimsuits, then she demands to see her cellphone when she reacts suspiciously. She tries convincing her to hand it over saying it will provide her innocence, but Riko refuses and she grabs it by force to find the photographic proof that she is guilty. 

Angrily taking her phone back, Riko claims Hazuki deserves to suffer, and she feels no remorse. Doremi and Aiko tell her off and begin yelling at her for being so mean but Hazuki stops them to ask her why she did this. For a moment Riko seems remorseful, admitting that she knew she was doing something wrong, but she couldn't stop herself; since she was little she dreamed of being a violinist and was going to enter Karen Girls' Academy, but her dad's company went bankrupt and she was forced to attend a public middle school. Her mother even took a few part-time jobs while she was left doing housework, and because of the company being reestablished she could enter the Academy in High School. But compared to her classmates her lack of skill is painfully obvious, since she missed at least three years worth of experience and lessons that everyone else got.

She knows Hazuki genuinely befriended her, but she inadvertently caused her to become jealous. She then heard them discussing the achievements of the top graduating student and the recognition coming with it, and this made her feel irritated and impatient at the thought of being left behind, so she began to consider writing the first post out of amusement, not malice. She hadn't personally targeted her friend until she got to know about her, and soon after it turned into personally backstabbing her. The spots began to get more specific in detail and while it eased her mind she began to lose control.

Hazuki asks Riko if she truly likes writing these posts and she mentions that lately her violin playing has changed. She also insists she was never her rival or enemy, and if she stops enjoying her music then everyone who cares about her will become sad. Riko seems to take these words to heart and apologizes for being envious and angry with her, and Hazuki forgives her, deciding they can remain friends.

It's then Aiko points out the time and Doremi reminds them they will be working the next day. Hazuki agrees to stop by after her lessons and takes off, with Aiko suggesting that Riko head home to avoid worrying anyone. They also point out that while she may think Hazuki only has good things happen to her, they are sure she could learn some surprising things if she takes the time to listen. Doremi then begins thinking about their friendship and she realizes that Hazuki may have a hard time opening up to Riko because she's so shy and overprotected to a restrictive state. She also points out that Yada-kun is still kind of cold, but it's either because he's known Hazuki for so many years or just because he's shy as well.

They take off and Hazuki seems overwhelmed by everything that happened, but Riko is happy knowing that she has such great friends. Hazuki asks Riko if she may begin addressing her with her first name personally and she agrees, then shyly addresses Hazuki by her first name too.

Doremi admits she feels envious now, since Riko gets to see the side of Hazuki that she doesn't. But she's happy by the outcome and hopes to befriend her someday too.


The next day Aiko and Doremi update Majorika and Lala while waiting for Hazuki at the shop. Tamaki also let Yada know about the Ura Site and in a panic he found her to discuss it. They also noticed the posts were beginning to disappear, but a misunderstanding occurred between Hazuki and Yada so they decided to spend a little time apart to avoid starting up the rumors again. Doremi notes that while Yada was genuinely worried, he showed up a little too late.

She also confronted him about not noticing anything and he instead brought up how much Tamaki's changed since they were kids. She isn't selfish or petty anymore, and she has a wonderful boyfriend. Doremi is happy, but she's angry realizing Tamaki may become genuinely popular if she keeps her positive behavior and improves urther- but she also plans to make a lot of new friends and meet new people with summer vacation approaching.

As Doremi speaks, she indirectly ticks of Majorika.


A few days later Tamaki pays the shop a visit and Doremi arrives late, so she misses seeing her. She asks the girls about it and Majorika recalls that she bought a couple cellphone straps. Doremi takes a second to explain that while the Maho-do sells cute magical items, they also imported some magical items based on super popular human things right now. She remarks on their cuteness before they notice Tamaki picked one with an Azure stone charm hanging from it. Initially she assumes a bunch of straps were bought, but as they didn't have anyone to replenish the stock yet, Tamaki bought two of them. 

As evening is arrives Aiko and Hazuki show up when Doremi notices she has a sunburn from all of her outdoor activities lately. Hazuki ended her lesson early and quickly Doremi informs them of Tamaki's visit. Hazuki recalls that lately Tamaki has been acting more grown up, and she mentions that she tried getting her on her side during the Ura Site but she had no interest. It suddenly dons on her and Aiko as to why Tamaki is behaving strange but Doremi honestly has no clue. Majorika then joins them and together they claim she is probably in love, further supported by her flustered behavior when she entered the shop.

Doremi doesn't believe it though, since Tamaki only buys high-quality or items of brand- at the moment she momentarily becomes sidetracked and thinks about her misfortune she has had regarding love at the time. Aiko tries comforting her, since she didn't have a boyfriend either, and Hazuki points out that a lot of people are in the same boat as Doremi. But all of these thoughts are just making her impatient and she complains, so Aiko suggests she focuses more on working at the shop, with Hazuki pointing out that she's been working really hard and sales have been increasing; all of this does little for her mood.

Doremi breaks story again to ask the readers about POPs. Anyone whose worked at the super-mart or convenience stores should know about them. She explains that the job isn't just tagging goods with price tags and arranging them, it's also about adding descriptions of the goods, using cards to stick them onto. That is called POPs. A lot of customers usually like to read over the POPs before they make a purchase, which makes Doremi happy knowing they're having a pleasurable experience while there. 


Another few days pass and an excited Hazuki comes to the shop, approaching Doremi to inform her of the pet cat Tamaki got recenly. This is followed by Aiko, who discovered Tamaki has a boyfriend named Masamune. This causes Doremi to wonder if the boys parents happen to be history maniacs, only for Hazuki to quickly correct them by saying this is her cats name, not the boyfriend. She also found out he's a senior attending Misora Public School. Aiko goes on to say that she thought he already had a girlfriend and rejected Tamaki, but she's persistant and keeps making moves on him, with Hazuki admitts she heard he's in a Host Club and sometimes goes home with his customers. 

They are interupted by Doremi, to ask them how they even found this information out. Hazuki reveals that she asked Kaori Shimakura, Tamaki's friend and right-hand girl since elementary school. But Doremi claims some of the news could be exaggerated since it came from her of all people, while Aiko says she heard it from a senior of a friend on track who has been tutoring Tamaki. With no real proof of anything Doremi decides to dismiss it, remaining doubtful given how much Tamaki usually boasts about her good news. Surely she wouldn't waste the time if she did get one, she would start spreading the news.

The girls then wonder if she only likes the guy for his looks, but they believe that because she is also cute and confident, she would probably make her move if she did like him. Hazuki interupts Doremi to point out that maybe it isn't a serious relationship since she hasn't said anything to anybody yet, and it would explain her strangeness. Aiko thinks that since she came in to purchase something then she probably hasn't confessed yet either.

While Doremi is a bit envious towards her old classmate, she would help out if Tamaki was ever really in trouble. Besides, she's very curious and she could use this to study the topic of love and maybe even help her own relationship she wishes to have. Aiko thinks it's best to just confront Tamaki on the subject and she asks Hazuki to go and talk to Tamaki about her boyfriend.


When Hazuki asked Tamaki about her boyfriend she decides to confide in her. She's discovered he is a tall ninth grader with a suave and somewhat bad-boy image -then the girls momentarily stop to close the shop when they notice the time- and his name is Kyouhei Tachibana. Doremi and Aiko recognize his name and insists he gives them the creeps, with Doremi saying his scary face makes him unapproachable. Hazuki continues on, saying that Masamune is the cat he gave to Tamaki. It was injured and she had been going between home and school to look after it. The cat is a russian blue who was born with only one working eye and often lost out on milk from it's mother, so it's pretty small and a little weak. It wouldn't last very long if it was thrown out into the wild. Kyouhei had really planned to keep it for himself until he found out his apartment didn't allow pets, so he took it to the park and would visit it regularly.

Then one evening Tamaki saw it being bullied by rowdy children and quickly came to its rescue, bringing it to a nearby animal hospital. It turns out that the person who ran the Hospital was the original owner of Masamune, so when Kyohei heard the news he met Tamaki there. Doremi calls this to be a cliche moment and compares it to an old-school shoujo manga, which Aiko agrees with before Hazuki points out tthat most of the students at Karen Girls Academy were rich, so he probably wouldn't have gotten to know Tamaki elsewhere.

While the guy would have scared Doremi off, Aiko thinks it's like Tamaki to go after anything she wants, and she's never been afraid of anything either. Doremi wonders if maybe to Tamaki, this guy happens to seem like a true gentleman type, and she feels bad as she admits they gossiped and judged him just from their first impressions, which isn't very nice. Doremi then points out that even if they're not posting anything on a website, they really weren't any different then that Ura Site, which makes the three of them express remorse.


Eventually Tamaki asks the Ojamajo to help her find out more about Kyouhei. They agreed out of curiousity, and also because she seemed greatly concerned and pointed out his rough attitude lately, along with his lack of interest in girls. While he would meet up with Tamaki from time to time, it was usually just regarding Masamune. She usually sees him leaving a building near the train station at night and the girls discover the place is a bar operated by a tenant, but as they are young girls it was a little difficult for them to step inside. However, they did find out its nor a Host Club.

The girls then tried to talk to Yada since he works nearby. He is able to tell them more about Kyouhei, such as the fact he is a senior who is serious about his studies and isn't a delinquent at all. He's more of a lone-wolf type and usually appears hostile to others due to his face and tall body. If he got into fights then rumors wouldn't be very evident about him at all, so they're convinced Tamaki has nothing to worry about.


That day, the rainy season had become apparent as Hazuki imitates Tamaki to reveal the information she got recently. Kyouhei lives with his mother and feels that in a way, he's a lot like Masamune and thinks the cat is very cute. Tamaki is happy and thinks it's nice to know that his personality isn't anything like his appearance- in a way it appeals to her maternal side. She wishes to date Kyouhei without the cat as an excuse, but they hardly get to meet up because he works. He replies to her messages but changes the subject whenever she brings up dating, but she's agressive so they hope it will work out. She's the only one trying to connect with him without any sense of shy or bashful behavior, with Doremi saying she has always been mature, and somehow still gives off a reckless vibe.

After Hazuki mentions that lately he's been avoiding her, they wonder if Tamaki was beginning to stalk Kyouhei. Though she's honestly just worried that she may be too much of a bother for him. Which could explain her strange clothing some weeks ago when they caught her at the mall. But Hazuki points out that Tamaki had been trying to find proof of an OL girlfriend, which are the recent rumors floating around. Doremi believes that this OL girl might be real, since he treats Tamaki like a little sister rather then a girl he likes, but Aiko is unconnvinced.


The next day as the girls head to the Maho-do their cellphones began to ring. It is from Hazuki and Tamaki, and they ask for them to meet up outside of Misora Public School. Upon arrival, a frustrated Tamaki asks them go inside and quickly get their teacher, Yamaki-sensei. While Aiko and Doremi don't understand, they go inside once Tamaki promises to explain everything to them afterwards. They rush into the staffroom and force their teacher outside while claiming they don't really know what is going on but it invoklves him, and he seems to understand something is wrong and agrees to speak to the foursome.

Kyouhei has kept his promise of not associating with the gang he used to hang out with anymore, but they found out about his relationship with Tamaki, along with her parents, who forbad Tamaki from seeing him. She tried to convince them he was a good guy but ran away when it failed to work, so she ran to the Maho-do to meet with Hazuki. She was hoping to find Kyouhei when she discovered what was going on, and because of his relationship with Yamaki, she was hoping he might have information.

Yamaki explains that one day Kyouhei realized he had something in life he wanted to do and decided to break away from his gang. He came to him to talk about them and became his ally who helped him seperate from them. At this point Doremi points out that Yamaki-sensei deserves a lot more credit than she gives him, realizing that she once again judged him soley on looks. He continues to speak until the girls figure out what they need, deciding to follow him and Tamaki to Kyouhei's place, although he suggests they headed home, they refused out of concern things could get bad.


Upon arrival they notice a beautiful woman standing outside and realize it's Kyouhei's mother. She looks so young and model-like, that she'd easily be confused for an OL girl. Doremi compares her own mother to this woman before realizing that the rumors probably were about Kyouhei's mother, not a girlfriend. Tamaki introduces herself to the woman and explains what the problem was before the woman claims that Kyouhei told her that Tamaki was kidnapped by his gang. She was just about to go and find Kyouhei to find out what was going on.

Just then another woman appears riding a motorcycle, and she too appears to be an OL beauty type. Yamaki casually begins chatting with her and to their shock, they discover this woman is his wife, Minako Yamaki. Minako explains that she was going to go with her husband, rather then just let Kyouhei's mother go by herself, and Tamaki feels saddened to be left behind, so she insists Mrs. Tachibana drives them to the location when she decides to follow the pair. As this goes on, she reveals she is Minako's cousin. When they were younger, Minako was a charisma model and student at Karen Girls' Academy, and she was a model too back then. As adults they are skilled beauticians, and since both of them would pick Kyouhei up that was how the rumors began to spread. 

Arriving to the parking lot the girls locate Kyouhei, Yamaki, and his wife facing off against a group of scary looking boys. While the girls wanted to stay in the car, Tamaki got out and talked down to the thugs before the other girls followed and got in front of Tamaki in hopes of protecting her. Kyouhei's mother comments on how happy she is knowing Tamaki has so many good friends, which makes Doremi happy to know that Mrs. Tachibana really likes Tamaki, as this is a good sign that she supports the relationship.

As the gang began to advance, Kyouhei pushes the girls behind him to keep them safe and Yamaki begins talking to him until the gang begin to critisize him for associating with adults and the girls. But Doremi believes them to be the true cowards when suddenly, they watch as Yamaki's wife puts a biker gang coat on him. Aiko points out a whole bunch of patches embroided all over it and the gang members began to realize they may be messing with someone who could take them and they begin to back off. The group are in shock when Yamaki reveals himself to be the third generation leader of the Misora Bakuretsu Gang, Yamaki Rokurou.

Suddenly, much to everyones shock the gang backs down and they apologize before bowing down to Yamaki, they quickly disband and take off.


After all this Doremi has learned how wrong it is to judge people based on rumors or their appearance. They don't fear Kyouhei anymore, and have learned to respect Yamaki and his wife.

Several days after that incident, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko gather at the Maho-do. As usual they finished their work and closed up shop to clean and stick on new price tags. While doing so, Doremi chooses to ask about Tamaki's relationship, and Hazuki reveals Kyouhei is busy studying to become a vet and he's also busy with his part-time job so they haven't had much time to meet up, but Tamaki has started to reveal a lot of new things to Hazuki and she plans to persue him anyway. She's also been studying really hard in hopes of joining him at the same university to keep them together.

Doremi gives into her envious nature once again but the girls cheer her up by insisting she will meet someone right for her, someday. Doremi thinks about it and agrees, deciding she will definitely find herself a boyfriend come Summer.


  • Doremi: Majorika has always been good at hiding her feelings.


  • Hazuki: Doremi-chan, you never change. 
  • Aiko: Seems like Hazuki-chan is back to normal.
  • Hazuki: That’s right. You’ll soon grow tired of me.
  • Aiko: Exactly. Unlike Doremi-chan, there is not much to make fun of about Hazuki-chan, so my jokes just run out really quick.
  • Doremi: Wha-… Ai-chan, that is so mean!


  • Doremi: And I've pissed Majorika off again.


  • An Ura Site is a Japanese form of online bullying where people anonymously hide their identities by sending hate mail using the return email addresses and names of other students who the target may know. They can also host offensive or rude photography that one may use in hopes of ruining others' reputation, as well as harming the schools reputation.