Pollon (ポロン) are the source of magic for Apprentice Witches. Without one, and the Magic Spheres needed to power it, they cannot cast magic.

As the Apprentice grows and receives upgraded wands, she will eventually be able to cast magic without it.

Ojamajo Doremi[]

The wand came in two shapes, both with a tube for Magic Spheres. Doremi and Pop received the sword or ribbon toy-based Peperuto wand, while Hazuki and Aiko got the Puwapuwa and Poppun baton wand.

Peperuto Pollon[]

The Peperuto Pollon (ペペルトポロン) has a pale pink base with a fuchsia circle lined in yellow with a music note on it, and a band of fuchsia on both the top and bottom. The bottom band has a sphere attached while sticking out of the top band is a clear tube that holds the Magic Spheres. Gold attachments stick out on the sides, and on top is a band of gold with a dark pink sphere that glows when used.

To insert Magic Spheres, the user turns the fuchsia circle on the wand and insert the spheres through the hole hidden underneath it. It is used by waving it around and aiming it in front of the user.

Puwapuwa/Poppun Pollon[]

The Puwapuwa/Poppun Pollon (プワプワポロン / ポップンポロン) is a thin, clear baton full of Magic Spheres. It has the same gold attachments and dark pink spheres on both the top and bottom.

It is used by twirling it around.

Kururu Pollon[]

To use the Kururu Pollon (クルールポロン), the Apprentice casts her magic and spins the top.

After reaching their sixth Apprentice stage, the user will be granted access to this version of their wand. But in order to do it, they must bring their childhood instrument or musical toy to the Queen of the Witch World, which she then fuses with their original Pollon, with the initial number of Magic Spheres being based on how well the Apprentice had been taking care of it. If an apprentice loses her status or apprenticeship, the items will return to their original state.

A long stick, with the lower half resembling the previous wands and is filled with Magic Spheres. Both the top and bottom have a gold band with dots on each side, the bottom with an additional ring and a hot pink sphere. Above the top band is a white segment with another gold band, with a small pink design at the center. On the very top is a pale pink section with the spinner, filled with Magic Spheres. The very top is clear and has three music notes in it that light up.



Picot Pollon[]

The Picot Pollon (ピコットポロン) is a stronger version of the original wand with a floral-themed design.

This wand vaguely resembles the original wand, but the base is now pale pink and the gold on the sides takes up more space, resembling a leaf or petal. At the center is a clear bubble that has a music note-shaped slot for the stronger Magic Seed to be inserted. The clear tube has a pink tint and a dark pink inner-tube at the center. On top is a gold folded band with a sphere on each side, with a pale pink flower on top that has a gold, spinning piece in the center. On the gold piece is a dark pink music note.

Like the previous wand, this one required the user to say her spell and spin the top part.

Wreath Pollon[]

After gaining their Royal Patraine forms, the Apprentice received the special Wreath Pollon (リースポロン) that appears whenever they take on this form. This pollon allows them to cast Magical Stage level magic without having to perform Magical Stage. However due to its power, the Wreath Pollon uses two Royal Seeds.

The Wreath Pollon is white with a pale pink ring in the center that has an etched leaf and vine piece that the user holds. On each side are three pink leaves varying in size, with three gold flowers next to them. Between the two sets of detail rests a clear bubble over a pale pink circle lined in pink that holds the Royal Seeds. On top of this is a pale yellow flower.

When being used, the piece spins and uses both of the Magic Spheres that were inserted.


Motto and Naisho[]

Sweet Pollon[]

The Sweet Pollon (スウィートポロン) has a pale pink and pink striped base and is shaped like a candy cane. On the tip is gold lining with a dark pink sphere. On top are gold accents and a gold, molded ribbon. Above this is a swirling clear and pale pink tube, with a pale pink bow on top attached to a large, dark pink sphere. When used, the sphere glows the color of the user's magic.

The Pollon runs on Magical Ingredient, which resembles sprinkles or tiny crystals of sugar. When being used, the magic swirls up through the center and to the top of the orb. The user then casts her spell. 

Pâtissière Pollon[]

The Pâtissière Pollon (パティシエポロン) is a special Pollon made for the Pâtissière form. It keeps the original colors and accents of the original but resembles a spice grinder. It is to be used right after the food finishes baking, with the magic it produces blessing the person who purchases the food.

A clear piece with a gold spinner through the middle that has a pale pink swirl around it to accent the sphere on the tip. Beneath this section is a gold ring with a clear sphere in the middle, followed by another gold ring on the top of the lower half. The bottom of the Pollon is pale yellow with a pink flower around it. On each ridge is a dark pink sphere.

When used, the user cranks the handle and says their blessing as the magic ingredient comes from the bottom.



Jewelry Pollon[]

The Jewelry Pollon (ジュエリーポロン) is a shiny wand with a jewel matching the user's theme color on the top and bottom. The wand is a translucent pale pink with a gold section in the middle that opens to reveal a gem in the middle. It can be held with both hands or just one. 

When used while casting a regular spell, the user waves the wand and aims it in front of her. When used during Magical Stage, the user pull open the center as the gem in the middle spins around, to which she then aims the wand upwards.

Magical Wristbands[]

These are used exclusively by Hana-chan. They are attached to the wrists of her white gloves and are relatively simple in design. They consist of a white base with pink trim and white pieces of material and a pale yellow ribbon. A gold piece with pink above it resembles the top of her compact. Tiny pink flower bud-shapes are also visible. 

When using these, Hana-chan will spin her wrists around, then hold her hands out. 

These items have been given multiple official names; in Doremi's Surprise! A New Ojamajo they are referred to as magic wristbands (魔法のリストバンド), while merchandise uses the name Pyuarin Hana-chan Magical Wrist (ピュアリンハナちゃんマジカルリスト).


Ojamajo Doremi 16[]

When the girls returned to apprenticeship, they were given their Kururu Pollons, with the Queen of the Witch World explaining that the high-level magic of the Kururu Pollon would be better suited for their intended uses. Majorika summoned their childhood instruments in advance to be fused with the original wand.


  • In Magical DoReMi, Pollons are renamed Wandalers and Wandawhirls.
    • The dub also explained that the reason why Doremi and Pop's wands looked different was due to them being an "early model".
  • Pop is the only apprentice to not get an upgraded wand in Season 1.
    • She is also the only one to take as long as she did to obtain an upgraded wand.
  • Hana-chan was the only apprentice not to gain or use any wands.
  • Season 1 is the only season where the wands were named after the owners' personal spell.