"Heart-pounding! Excitement! Spinning around and around!"
Doremi Harukaze (Next Episode Preview Quote)

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp (stylized as Ojamajo Doremi #) (おジャ魔女どれみ#, Ojamajo Doremi Shāpu) is the second season of the Ojamajo Doremi anime series as well as the sequel to the first season. This season premiered the following week from the first season's conclusion on February 6, 2000, running for 49 episodes before concluding on January 28, 2001 to be succeeded by the next season; Motto! Ojamajo Doremi. The notable motifs in this season include flowers, gardening and parenting.


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Ojamajo Doremi sharp introduced many plot points, including:

  • Onpu stopped being an antagonist and joined the Ojamajos.
  • Oyajide escaped and returned to his normal wizard self.
  • The girls were put in charge of raising a baby, Hana.
  • This season introduces a Wizard group called the Flat4.
  • The Ojamajos gain two new witch forms and wands/weapons.

The season begins when the Ojamajos gloomily discuss how much they miss Majorika when they decide to come by for old time's sake and enter the Maho-Dou. But they struggle upon realizing that the witch world door is closed off until finding a note, along with an item Majorika left behind so they go to return it, not aware that the witch worlds door is now open..

Upon re-entering the witch world the girls accidentally come by a Blue rose field and witness the birth of the future witch queen: Hana-chan. Due to witnessing her birth the girls are then put in charge of baby Hana-chan and must raise her of their "mothers".

But will four ten year old girls be able to raise a baby when they're still children themselves?! Can Pop finally catch up with her older clumsy sister? Will Majorika finally turn back to normal?

When the wizards find out and become frightened by Hana-chan's powers they then plot a plan to capture the baby in the year that the Ojamajo must raise her and take back the witch world as their own!

Eventually the wizards do capture Hana-chan and the Ojamajo must risk their own lives to save their baby from the clutches of evil. Will they succeed or will they die trying to protect Hana-chan?


Main Characters

Doremi Harukaze
Hazuki Fujiwara
Aiko Senoo
Pop Harukaze
Onpu Segawa

Supporting Characters

Hanababy MajoRikaProfile Lalabasic Dodo
Haruka Harukaze
Hana Majo Rika Lala Fairies
Seki Yuki Sensei Kotakeweb MajoHeartProfile WitchQueen
Seki Yuki Classmates
4-2Sonatine Kindergarten
Majo Heart Queen of the Witch World


Ojajiide FLAT4Pose PDVD 016
Alexander T. Oyajiide FLAT4
Previous Queen of the Witch World

Bold - This character debuted in this season.

Magic Items[]

ODS-EP1-060 Patraine uniform Wreath ODS-EP2-025
Rhythm Tap Apprentice Uniforms Pollon
Picot PollonWreath Pollon
Magic Seeds
ODS-EP23-076 RoyalPatraineComputer ODS-EP7-099 ODS-EP25-019
Royal Seeds Royal Patraine Computer Kururin Call Patraine Call
ODS-EP7-093 02.49.03 QueensHeartGarden
Baby Health Manual Love Supreme Queen's Heart (Movie Exclusive)

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  • Sharp is the only season not to introduce a new witch apprentice. Unless one would count Onpu who was originally an antagonist in the previous season. It does, however, introduce Hana-chan, who became an apprentice during season four.
  • It is the only season to have its title not in word but in symbolics. The sharp symbol for music is used.
  • Sharp was the most successful season in terms of sales, with 7.6 billion yen made from merchandising.


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