Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan: Nijiiro Paradise is the fourth released game for Ojamajo Doremi. It is the second game released for Dokkan and was not education based. Instead, it is of the party genre and even came with an offer to win a rubiks cube. 


After they come across a Rain Flower Drop, Doremi and friends find out they must collect passion in the form of Crystals in order to grow the Rainbow Drop.

Soon, everyone becomes involved in order to collect the mystical objects and learn about having fun along the way.

How to play

A 1-to-4 player game with a playable cast of 7. The main 6 are available from the start while Pop has to be unlocked.

The supporting cast range from witches to the ojamajo to humans of the adult and child variety. 

The game is played on a board/map where the players take turns rolling a dice to determine the number of moves they can make. While playing you can compete in many games or find items to use against other plays to help win the game. The goal being to complete a certain task, usually made obvious during the intro of said game/round. Usually, this means reaching a certain spot first or getting a certain amount of an item.

While you play the game you can unlock many things. Such thing include Images, Music/Songs, and opening titles from the series that you can watch.


Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan: Nijiiro Paradise has a total of 15 minigames.

Name Screenshot How to Play
PuzzleMinigame.png The player must place the pieces of the picture back into their correct positions to score points.
ShootingMinigame.png The player must shoot at the Oyajide Heads at score points. However, if the player shoots Pao-chan, they'll lose points.
QuizMinigame.png A button symbol will be shown on screen and the player must press that specific button. They'll then be rewarded points based on their reaction time.
DoorMinigame.png The player must pick a door where they'll be greeted by either Pao-chan or Oyajide. If greeted by Pao-chan, the player will advance. If greeted by Oyajide, the player will be reset to the start.
JumpingMinigame.png The player must jump over the flower while to reach Pao-chan. The player who reachs Pao-chan first wins the minigame.
MatchingMinigame.png The player must flip the cards to try to match the pictures shown. Their turn will end if the cards don't match or the timer runs out. After each turn, Oyajide will shuffle a row of cards.
PaoMinigame.png The must charge up and release to collect the magical poop from Pao-chan to score points. Oyajide Heads may appear among the poop and the player will be temporary stunned if they make contact with one.
ScarfMinigame.png The player must press specific buttons to color the scarf they're making. They'll then be rewarded points based on how much their scarf matchs the one shown above.
BeadMinigame.png The player must press the buttons shown on the side to add beads to the machine, they must then press the arrow buttons simultaneously to work the machine and score points.
WeightMinigame.png The player is weighed down by an Oyajide Head and must press the buttons shown to pass it to the opponent. Once the time is up, the Oyajide Head will explode and the player holding it at the time loses. 
FootballMinigame.png The player must build up speed as they approach the football and then kick it. The player will score point based on how far the football travels.
HammerMinigame.png Oyajide's head will appear on one of the button symbols and the player press that specific button to hit him and score points. Towards the end of the minigame, the buttons will be muddled up to increase the difficulty.
DogMinigame.png The player must press triangle and square simultaneously catch up to Pao-chan while avoiding obstacles. The player shouldn't press them too fast to avoid running out of energy. If a cake is eaten, the player's energy will be replenished.
GhostMinigame.png The player must collect candy to score points while avoiding the ghosts. If a ghost catches the player, they'll lose points.
NinjaMinigame.png The player must collect scrolls to while score points avoiding obstacles and Gazamadon's fiery breath. If the player is hit by the fiery breath, they'll lose points.


  • Pop is seen in a dog form and a ninja outfit in this game. Apparently, she was never seen with these forms in the anime.