Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan! is the third and final Sega Pico game.


During the games, a special crystal will change the girl into her witch form whenever it is found by the Player. It is a temporary change and will increase the characters speed or ability.

Mini-Games List

There are many fun activites for the player to try out, along with a drawing pad and a dress-up game. 


The player must control one of the girls and whoever makes it to the opposite side of the screen wins. 

Item Delivery

Walking around on a small Map of Misora, the player must guide their character to the location her items must be dropped off at. 

Jewelry Making

The character must choose the beads requested by others, then they must be spun around using the pen to make the object.

Storing Jewelry

Click on the case that matches the color of the beads the yousei carries.

Choose the Correct Beads

Containers of three different beads will appear and one will flash, the goal is to pick the one that is flashing.

Making a Tapestry

Push the pen in time with the top of the screen when a pink icon lines up in the correct spot. 

A Board Game

The player simply rolls the dice and travels around the screen. 

Making Clothing

The player repeats the Tapestry minigame, but must go back and fourth on the screen before time runs out.


  • Like the previous two games, this one has the full theme song as its opening.