The second Ojamajo Doremi 16 novel, which was released in May 2nd 2012.


Chiisu, everyone! Momo-chan is back from her overseas studies, and the MAHO-do has been refurbished as a sweet house. All of us are now pâtissiers making sweets, and business is booming! Lots of fun events like Christmas and Valentine’s are coming soon too, it’s so exciting! But being all dreamy is not enough… I need to think about my path and future! This is Doremi, caught right in the middle of her most naive year!


  • Chapter 1 - Our Respective Autumns
  • Chapter 2 - The Workshop Girl
  • Chapter 3 - The Magic of Christmas
  • Chapter 4 - The Unabridged Account of New Year's Phantom
  • Chapter 5 - Yada-Kun's Guardian Angel
  • Chapter 6 - The Knight of Valentine's
  • Chapter 7 - Chase the Moon
  • Interview with Akiya Tomoko


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