Ep. № Opening Clip Title Air Date
1 OD-EP1-31 Japan I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice!
私どれみ! 魔女見習いになる
Watashi Doremi! Majo Minarai ni Naru

United States Now I Am A Witchling!
Japan Feb 7th, 1999
United States Sep 10th, 2005
After a rough morning, young girl Doremi Harukaze comes across a strange and unusual shop she has never seen before. Stepping inside, she discovers something amazing: a real witch!
2 OD-EP2-01 Japan I Become Hazuki-chan
Watashi, Hazuki-chan ni Naru!

United States Being Dorie, Being Reanne
Japan Feb 14th, 1999
United States Sep 17th, 2005
After a disagreement with her friend Hazuki Fujiwara, Doremi attempts to understand her by using magic to transform them into each other for the day.
3 OD-EP3-01 Japan The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts
転校生はナニワっこ! あいこ登場
Tenkōsei wa Naniwa-ko! Aiko Tōjō

United States The Spit Curl Girl
Japan Feb 21st, 1999
United States Sep 24th, 2005
The new student Aiko Senoo gets off on the wrong foot with Doremi and Hazuki. But a curious Doremi decides to follow her home after school and comes to the conclusion that is a good person underneath her rough exterior. She then attempts to use magic to lend her a hand.
4 OD-EP4-01 Japan It's Not Scary if We're All Witches
Minna Majo Nara Kowakunai

United States Dustin' the Old Rusty Broom
Japan Feb 28th, 1999
United States Aug 13th, 2005
Doremi's secret has been exposed to Hazuki and Ai-chan! But with nothing else to do about it, Majorika decides to turn them into witch apprentices too. She has high hopes they will do well, until they decide the shop needs to be remodeled...
5 OD-EP5-01 Japan Grand Opening! Maho-dou
新装開店! MΑHO堂
Shinsō Kaiten! Mahōdō

United States Witch Conya of the Lunaverse
Japan Mar 7th, 1999
United States Oct 8th, 2005
When Kotake suddenly shows up to purchase something, Doremi decides to follow him to see why he needed it so much. But when he gets into a dangerous situation, will she be able to help him?
6 OD-EP6-01 Japan A Liar's First Friendship
Usotsuki wa Yūjō no Hajimari

United States Believing Belinda
Japan Mar 14th, 1999
United States Oct 15th, 2005
Aiko befriends a troublesome girl named Nobuko, who is infamous for her lying nature. But after Nobuko lies about something big, Aiko has trouble forgiving her.
7 OD-EP7-01 Japan Aim for Level 9! The Witch Exam
めざせ9級! 魔女試験
Mezase Kyu-kyū! Majo Shiken

United States Caitlyn's Day Out
Japan Mar 21st, 1999
United States Oct 22nd, 2005
Doremi's time practicing for the upcoming 9th exam is interrupted when her mom asks her to follow Pop; who will be adventuring out by herself for the first time. Doremi accepts the task, but is she willing to risk using all of her magic to help her sister or will she be forced to bail at the last minute?
8 OD-EP8-01 Japan Go to the Witch World!!
Majo no Sekai he Go!!

United States Finally a Fairy!
Japan Mar 28th, 1999
United States Oct 29th, 2005
Doremi and Majorika are very upset by her recent failing when they soon learn that Doremi can take a "make-up test". But when they learn how different it is will Doremi be able to pass this time? Or will she be the only witch apprentice to fail a second time?!
9 OD-EP9-01 Japan Where Did You Go!? Dodo the Fairy
どこ行ったの!? 妖精ドド
Doko Ittano!? Yōsei Dodo

United States A Runaway Fairy
Japan Apr 4th, 1999
United States Nov 5th, 2005
Dodo runs away after Doremi grows angry with her constant screw ups. Will Doremi admit she was wrong and find Dodo or will she remain a fairy-less witch?
10 OD-EP10-01 Japan Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!!
ピンチ! 先生にバレちゃった!!
Pinchi! Sensei ni Barechatta!!

United States Trouble in Store
Japan Apr 11th, 1999
United States Nov 12th, 2005
With proof that the girls may be breaking the law, the school staff decides to stop by the Maho-Do to find out what they really do there.
11 OD-EP11-01 Japan Early Bird Marina and a Bouquet From the Heart
Hayaoki Shōjo Marina to Kokoro no Hanataba

United States You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Japan Apr 18th, 1999
United States Nov 19th, 2005
Hazuki attempts to help a classmate she recently befriended after another classmate hurts her feelings.
12 OD-EP12-01 Japan A Wish for a Precious Shirt
Taisetsu na Shatsu no Negaigoto

United States He Ain't Pelé, He's My Brother
Japan Apr 25th, 1999
United States Nov 26th, 2005
Misaki sells his most beloved item when his brother Daichi seems to be in a sports-related rut. But when Doremi sees the mess this causes she goes out to try to set things right.
13 OD-EP13-01 Japan Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam
みんな不合格!? 8級試験
Minna Fugōkaku!? Yattsu-kyū Shiken

United States Parsley and Rosemary
Japan May 2nd, 1999
United States Dec 3rd, 2005
It's time for the next apprentice exam and the girls are ready, but when they become sidetracked trying to help someone else, will they be forced to choose one over the other?
14 OD-EP14-01 Japan Laugh and Forgive Me!?
Waratte Yurushite!?

United States A Tall Order
Japan May 9th, 1999
United States Dec 10th, 2005
Normally the SOS trio's jokes are all in good-natured fun (even if nobody laughs), but one day they take a joke too far and insult the tallest girl in class, Okuyama, who happens to be very insecure regarding her looks. Will the girls be able to smooth things over between them?
15 OD-EP15-01 Japan Majo Rika Goes to Kindergarten
Majorika Yōchien ni Iku

United States Patina Goes to Kindergarten
Japan May 16th, 1999
United States Feb 4th, 2006
Pop visits the Maho-dou and is quickly smitten with Majorika. The girls, having been cross with Majorika due to being more demanding lately decide to let her purchase the "plush doll" she has found, and at first, things go great. But after Majorika realizes she may be in trouble and has lost her crystal ball, everyone must hurry and locate it!
16 OD-EP16-01 Japan Fishing for Love
Koi wo Tsuriageyou

United States Gone Fishin
Japan May 23rd, 1999
United States Feb 4th, 2006
After she gains a crush on a boy her dad brings home, Doremi decides to go with him on his latest trip in hopes of catching his heart. With help from Hazuki and Aiko will Doremi succeed?
17 OD-EP17-01 Japan Yada-kun is a Delinquent!?
Yada-kun wa Furyō Shōgakusei?

United States Sketches of Pain
Japan May 30th, 1999
United States Feb 11th, 2006
A bad rumor spreads about the antisocial Yada that threatens getting him into big trouble. Hazuki, his childhood friend firmly believes he is innocent, and with some help from Aiko and Doremi they set out to discover the truth.
18 OD-EP18-01 Japan Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic
使っちゃダメ! 禁じられた魔法
Tsukuccha Dame! Kinjirareta Maho

United States The Flora Test
Japan Jun 6th, 1999
United States Feb 11th, 2006
After a classmate refuses to help with the class pets, Hazuki and the others try to determine why she hates animals so much and attempt to rekindle her love of them instead. But will it come with a big price?
19 OD-EP19-01 Japan Hazuki-chan is Kidnapped!
Hazuki-chan Yūkai Sareru!

United States Uncle Mick and his Sidekick
Japan Jun 13th, 1999
United States Feb 18th, 2006
Hazuki is kidnapped by a couple of desperate comedians and it's up to Doremi and Aiko to save her, but are the kidnappers really such bad guys?
20 OD-EP20-01 Japan The Rival Debuts! The Maho-dou is in Big Trouble!!
ライバル登場! MΑHO堂大ピ〜ンチ!!
Raibaru Tōjō! Mahōdō Dai Pīnchi!!

United States Get on the Bus
Japan Jun 20th, 1999
United States Feb 18th, 2006
One of Majorika's old rivals has resurfaced to come and steal the Maho-do away!
21 OD-EP21-01 Japan Majoruka's Goods are full of danger!
Majoruka Guzzu wa Kiken ga Ippai

United States The Mystery Wind
Japan Jun 27th, 1999
United States Feb 25th, 2006
As the ojamajo work hard to try to take back their shop they begin to notice how everyone around them is slowly beginning to change, and not for the better. It's up to the girls to save them and stop Majoruka!
22 OD-EP22-01 Japan The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard
Roku-kyū Majo he no Michi wa Tōi!?

United States We Need a Wandawhirl
Japan Jul 4th, 1999
United States Feb 25th, 2006
While they may have managed to dispose of the terrible charms, the girls still need to find a way to take back the Maho-do!
23 OD-EP23-01 Japan Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test
大逆転!? おジャ魔女の試練
Ōsagakō!? Ojamajo no Shiken

United States Mirabelle's Blues
Japan Jul 11th, 1999
United States Mar 4th, 2006
Aiko struggles with personal issues regarding her dad as the Ojamajo attempt to become level six apprentice.
24 OD-EP24-01 Japan Majoruka versus level 6 ojamajo!
Majoruka Tai Roku-kyū Ojamajo!

United States Down in the Dumps
Japan Jul 18th, 1999
United States Mar 4th, 2006
Stronger than ever, the Ojamjo confront Majoruka and attempt to take back the shop!
25 OD-EP25-01 Japan Ojamajo Poppu appears!
Ojamajo Poppu Tōjō!?

United States The New Witch on the Block
Japan Jul 25th, 1999
United States Mar 11th, 2006
After Pop catches the trio in apprentice form, Majorika has no choice but to make her a witch apprentice too. But will she be able to handle the responsibility that comes with it?
26 OD-EP26-01 Japan We are the pureleine
Watashi-tachi, Pyuarēnu!

United States That Darn Evil Cat
Japan Aug 1st, 1999
United States Mar 11th, 2006
Everything is going great again; with the shop returned, everyone back to normal, and Pop joining them as an Apprentice. But things begin to go wrong again, but Majoruka isn't there, so what could be the cause?
27 OD-EP27-01 Japan Oyajide arrives?!
Oyajīde ga Yattekita!?

United States You Ought Not to Be in Pictures
Japan Aug 8th, 1999
United States Nov 20th, 2007
The ojamajo are given the task of locating the remaining Cursed Cards and meet a new friend who will help them. Meanwhile, Hazuki is concerned over her father so they follow him to his next filming location where they believe a cursed item may be.
28 OD-EP28-01 Japan Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau
Koi wa Kōgen no Kaze ni Notte

United States Love Serving Love
Japan Aug 15th, 1999
United States Nov 27th, 2007
Hazuki invites Doremi and Aiko to come to her families villa when Doremi finds love with a cute tennis player! But with Tamaki trying to intervene what will the final score be? A Point Match or a Love-0?
29 OD-EP29-01 Japan The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!
Natsu Matsuri ni Tappu ga Kieta!

United States To Catch A Thief
Japan Aug 22nd, 1999
United States Nov 13th, 2007
There's plenty of drama going on at the festival; Doremi's tap gets stolen, a thief is running around, and Seki-sensei is quite jealous and suspicious over Yuki-sensei's date. Will the entire festival be ruined?
30 OD-EP30-01 Japan I want to meet the ghost!
Yūrei ni Aitai!
Japan Aug 29th, 1999
United States Unaired
Everyone goes to visit an old temple surrounded by many haunted stories and they decide to hold the courage test, some more willing than others. Will everyone return from this spooky adventure...?
31 OD-EP31-01 Japan Present from Mongolia
Monguru Kara no Okurimono

United States Careful What You Witch For
Japan Sep 5th, 1999
United States Dec 4th, 2007
Shino receives a letter and gift from a friend in Mongolia, but she doesn't know what to send back to them. Will her classmates be able to help her find the perfect present?
32 OD-EP32-01 Japan Overthrow Tamaki! the class election!
打倒玉木! 学級委員選挙
Datō Tamaki! Gakkyūīn Senkyō

United States Scooter For President
Japan Sep 12th, 1999
United States Dec 11th, 2007
When the new class presidency rolls around, the ojamajo do everything they can to try to help their classmate beat Tamaki.
33 OD-EP33-01 Japan Panic at the Sports Festival
Undōkai wa Panikku ga Ippai!

United States Born to Run
Japan Sep 19th, 1999
United States Dec 18th, 2007
The Sports Festival is going to begin soon and for the very first and last time, every single Hamada child will be competing. But when everything begins to go wrong will the special day be ruined?
34 OD-EP34-01 Japan I want to see my Mother!
Okā-chan ni Aitai!

United States Mo' Mirabelle's Blues
Japan Sep 26th, 1999
United States Dec 21th, 2007
Aiko gets into a disagreement with her father after finding out he's been keeping a secret from her, and after she misses a chance meeting with her mother, she runs away from home!
35 OD-EP35-01 Japan The Transfer student is a Witch Apprentice?!
Tenkōsei wa Majo Minarai!?

United States The Lyin' Witch and her Wardrobe
Japan Oct 3rd, 1999
United States Jan 2nd, 2008
A famous child idol becomes the classmate of Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, and at first, they are quick to try to befriend her. But is there more to her then meets the eye?
36 OD-EP36-01 Japan Level four exam is Dododododo!
Yon-kyū Shiken wa Do-do-do-do-dō!

United States Obstacle Schmob-stacle
Japan Oct 10th, 1999
United States Jan 8th, 2008
The fourth exam is coming up and the ojamajo have to do it doubled with their fairies. Will they manage to pass and beat the Tortoise and the Hare?
37 OD-EP37-01 Japan There's a lot of Witch Frogs!
Majo Gaeru ga Ippai!

United States The Lost Greenlings
Japan Oct 17th, 1999
United States Jan 15th, 2008
When a bunch of witch frogs suddenly show up inside the Maho-do it's up to the Ojamajo to keep an eye on them until they can get home.
38 OD-EP38-01 Japan Ryota and the Midnight Monster
Ryōta to Mayonaka no Kaijū

United States Of Monsters and Witchlings
Japan Oct 24th, 1999
United States Jan 22th, 2008
After one too many screw-ups as classmate gives up his passion. Will the ojamajo be able to restore it and teach him a healthy balance between his passion and the important things?
39 OD-EP39-01 Japan Doremi's Boyfriend is a Junior High Student?!
Doremi no Kare wa Chūgakusei!

United States Skater Love
Japan Oct 31th, 1999
United States May 2nd, 2008
An older boy suddenly gains a crush on Doremi. While she's happily enjoying it, everybody else is very suspicious and believe it to be the work of a greater force...
40 OD-EP40-01 Japan Doremi Wins Easily? Level 3 Exam
どれみ楽勝? 3級試験
Doremi Rakushō? San-kyū Shiken

United States The 3-Door Test
Japan Nov 14th, 1999
United States Feb 5th, 2008
The ojamajo are set to take the notoriously hard 3rd witch apprentice exam!
41 OD-EP41-01 Japan Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!
Chichi to Ko: Shōri no Itte!

United States There's no Business like Shogi Business
Japan Nov 21st, 1999
United States Feb 12th, 2008
The Ojamajo help a classmate rediscover his passion for a game he excels at but is not allowed to play at home due to the fighting it causes. Can they help him convey his feelings to his father and convince him to lift the ban?
42 OD-EP42-01 Japan The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?
Ojamajo Seigi no Tatakai!?

United States Morph than a Feeling
Japan Nov 28th, 1999
United States Feb 19th, 2008
The ojamajo help fellow classmate, Kota Amano in a fight with the school bully after he accidentally gets Onpu in trouble.
43 OD-EP43-01 Japan Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories
Papa to Hanabi to Namida no Omoide

United States Parental Guidance
Japan Dec 5th, 1999
United States Feb 26th, 2008
Shiori doesn't like the way her dad treats her as of late, meanwhile, Tamaki is led to believe her papa doesn't love her because he doesn't scold her. By chance both girls bump into each other and they decide to run away from home!
44 OD-EP44-01 Japan I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!
Joshi Puro Resurā ni Naritai!

United States Candi is Dandy
Japan Dec 12th, 1999
United States Mar 4th, 2008
The ojamajo encourage a classmate to follow her dreams of becoming a female pro-wrestler after she finds out her idol will be retiring.
45 OD-EP45-01 Japan Help Santa!
Santa-san wo Sukue!

United States Saving Santa
Japan Dec 19th, 1999
United States Mar 11th, 2008
The ojamajo help a sickly older man and discover he's Santa! Now, in order to ensure all the presents get delivered in time for Christmas morning, they are tasked with helping him!
46 OD-EP46-01 Japan The Witches' Talent Show
Majo no Kakushi Geidaikai!

United States Just Like Magic
Japan Dec 26th, 1999
United States Mar 18th, 2008
The ojamajo try to help Michiaki Watabe with his magic while they show off their best during their next exam!
47 OD-EP47-01 Japan Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting
Otō-chan no Omiai

United States The Date Crasher
Japan Jan 2nd, 2000
United States Mar 25th, 2008
Aiko's father goes on a date with a woman he has been arranged to marry. Seeing them bond so well causes her to take Onpu's advice and she considers ruining the date. But can she really take away his happiness?
48 OD-EP48-01 Japan Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter?
Onpu no Mēru wa Rabu Retā?

United States Geek Love
Japan Jan 9th, 2000
United States Apr 1st, 2008
A bunch of Onpu fanboys receive mysterious letters from her that she claims she didn't write and it's up to the ojamajo to solve this mystery. Onpu would rather ignore what happened, but can they convince her to help out?
49 OD-EP49-01 Japan I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Places on the Overnight Express
パパに会える! 夢を乗せた寝台特急
Papa ni Aeru! Yume wo Noseta Shindai Tokkyū

United States Train a Comin'
Japan Jan 16th, 2000
United States Apr 8th, 2008
Onpu gets a chance to see her father on the same day she has auditions. Along the way, she meets a shy girl and has to decide if she wants to risk missing her dad or helping her new friend.
50 OD-EP50-01 Japan The Final Witch Apprentice Exam
Saigo no Minarai Majo Shiken

United States The Final Test
Japan Jan 23rd, 2000
United States Apr 15th, 2008
The ojamajo must commit one good deed and receive thanks for their final exam. Will they manage to pass and become true witches?
51 OD-EP51-01 Japan Goodbye Maho-Dou
Sayōnara Mahōdō

United States The Hardest Test of All
Japan Jan 30th, 2000
United States Apr 22nd, 2008
The girls have finally achieved their dreams of becoming witch! But after they get spotted returning from the Witch World, Onpu uses her magic to erase everyone's memories and falls into a coma. The girls will be forced to make a big decision that may change their lives forever...