Episode No. Opening Clip Name Summary
1 OD-EP1-31.png I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice! After a rough morning, young girl Doremi Harukaze comes across a strange and unusual shop she has never seen before and happens to come across something she never expected.
2 OD-EP2-01.png I Become Hazuki-chan Doremi attempts to understand Hazuki after a minor conflict over comparing their lifestyles. In order to do so, she uses magic to make them turn into each other.
3 OD-EP3-01.png The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts One day a new girl shows up, insulting Doremi and Hazuki along the way. Doremi decides to follow the girl and eventually learns that she is a good person underneath her rough exterior and tries to help her when parent day comes along.
4 OD-EP4-01.png It's Not Scary if We're All Witches Doremi's secret has been exposed and Hazuki and Ai-chan found out! But with nothing else to do about it, Majorika decides to turn them into witch apprentices too. However, things soon go sour when the ojamajo decide they want to remodel the Maho-dou...
5 OD-EP5-01.png Grand Opening! Maho-dou When Kotake suddenly shows up to purchase something, Doremi stalks him out of curiosity to see why he really needs it...
6 OD-EP6-01.png A Liar's First Friendship Aiko befriends a troublesome girl named Nobuko, who is infamous for her lying nature. But after Nobuko lies about something big, Aiko has trouble forgiving her and felt very hurt.
7 OD-EP7-01.png Aim for Level 9! The Witch Exam Doremi's time practicing for the upcoming 9th exam is interrupted when her mom asks her to follow Pop; who will be adventuring out by herself for the first time. Doremi accepts the task, but is she willing to risk using all of her magic to help her sister or will she be forced to bail at the last minute?
8 OD-EP8-01.png Go to the Witch World!! Doremi and Majorika are very upset by her recent failing when they soon learn that Doremi can take a "make up test". But when they learn how different it is will Doremi be able to pass this time? Or will she be the only witch apprentice to fail a second time?!
9 OD-EP9-01.png Where Did You Go!? Dodo the Fairy Dodo runs away after Doremi grows angry with her constant screw ups. Will Doremi admit she was wrong and go find Dodo or will she remain a fairy-less witch?
10 OD-EP10-01.png Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!! With proof that the girls may be breaking the law, the school staff decides to stop by the Maho-Do to find out what they really do there.
11 OD-EP11-01.png Early Bird Marina and a Bouquet From the Heart Hazuki attempts to help a classmate she recently befriended after another classmate hurts her feelings.
12 OD-EP12-01.png A Wish for a Precious Shirt Misaki sells his most beloved item when his brother Daichi seems to be in a sports-related rut. But when Doremi sees the mess this causes she goes out to try to set things right.
13 OD-EP13-01.png Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam It's time for the next apprentice exam and the girls are ready, but when they become sidetracked trying to help someone else, will they be forced to choose one over the other?
14 OD-EP14-01.png Laugh and Forgive Me!? Normally the SOS trio's jokes are all in good-natured fun when one day they insult the tallest girl in class, Okuyama, who happens to be very insecure regarding her looks.
15 OD-EP15-01.png Majo Rika Goes to Kindergarten Pop visits the Maho-dou and is quickly smitten with Majorika. The girls, having been cross with Majorika due to being more demanding lately decide to let her purchase the "plush doll" she has found, and at first, things go great. But after Majorika realizes she may be in trouble and has lost her crystal ball, everyone is forced to try to find it.
16 OD-EP16-01.png Fishing for Love After she gains a crush on a boy her dad brings home, Doremi decides to go with him on his latest trip in hopes of catching his heart. With help from Hazuki and Aiko will Doremi succeed?
17 OD-EP17-01.png Yada-kun is a Delinquent!? After a bad rumor begins to spread about the anti-social Yada that threatens to get him into big trouble and possible danger, Hazuki tries to convince everyone else that her friend is nothing like what others think.
18 OD-EP18-01.png Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic After a classmate refuses to help with the class pets, Hazuki and the others try to determine why she hates animals so much and attempt to rekindle her love of them instead. But will it come with a big price?
19 OD-EP19-01.png Hazuki-chan is Kidnapped! Hazuki is kidnapped by a couple of desperate comedians and it's up to Doremi and Aiko to save her, but are the kidnappers really such bad guys?
20 OD-EP20-01.png The Rival Debuts! The Maho-dou is in Big Trouble!! One of Majorika's old rivals has resurfaced to come and steal the Maho-do away!
21 OD-EP21-01.png Majoruka's Goods are full of danger! As the ojamajo work hard to try to take back their shop they begin to notice how everyone around them is slowly beginning to change, and not for the better. It's up to the girls to save them and stop Majoruka!
22 OD-EP22-01.png The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard The Ojamajo may have saved everyone from the bad spells inside Majoruka's charms but they still need to find a way to take back the Maho-do!
23 OD-EP23-01.png Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test Aiko struggles with personal issues regarding her dad as the Ojamajo attempt to become level six apprentice.
24 OD-EP24-01.png Majoruka versus level 6 ojamajo! The ojamajo have finally had it, enough is enough and it's time for revenge. Can they successfully take back the Maho-do?
25 OD-EP25-01.png Ojamajo Poppu appears! After Pop catches the trio in apprentice form, Majorika has no choice but to make her a witch apprentice too. But will she be able to handle the responsibility that comes with it?
26 OD-EP26-01.png We are the pureleine The ojamajo think everything is fine and dandy now that they finally got the Maho-do back, as well as a new apprentice witch. But suddenly things begin to act strangely again...
27 OD-EP27-01.png Oyajide arrives?! The ojamajo are given the task of locating the remaining Cursed Cards and meet a new friend who will help them. Meanwhile, Hazuki is concerned over her father so they follow him to his next filming location when they believe a cursed item may be located at.
28 OD-EP28-01.png Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau Hazuki invites Doremi and Aiko to come to her families villa when Doremi finds love with a cute tennis player! But will the score be a Point Match or a Love-0?
29 OD-EP29-01.png The Tap Disappeared at the Festival! There's plenty of drama going on at the festival; Doremi's tap gets stolen, a thief is running around, and Seki-sensei is quite jealous and suspicious over Yuki-sensei's date. Will the entire festival be ruined?
30 OD-EP30-01.png I want to meet the ghost! Everyone goes to visit an old temple surrounded by many haunted stories and they decide to hold the courage test, some more willing than others. Will everyone return from this spooky adventure...?
31 OD-EP31-01.png Present from Mongolia Shino receives a letter and gift from a friend in Mongolia, but she doesn't know what to send back to them. Will her classmates be able to help her find the perfect present?
32 OD-EP32-01.png Overthrow Tamaki! the class election! When the new class presidency rolls around, the ojamajo do everything they can to try to help their classmate beat Tamaki.
33 OD-EP33-01.png Panic at the Sports Festival The Sports Festival is going to begin soon and for the very first and last time, every single Hamada child will be competing. But when everything begins to go wrong will the special day be ruined?
34 OD-EP34-01.png I want to see my Mother! Aiko gets a chance to finally meet her mother after a long time has passed, but when she misses their meeting Aiko runs away from home!
35 OD-EP35-01.png The Transfer student is a Witch Apprentice?! A famous child idol becomes the classmate of Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, and at first, they are quick to try to befriend her. But is there more to her then meets the eye?
36 OD-EP36-01.png Level four exam is Dododododo! The fourth exam is coming up and the ojamajo have to do it doubled with their fairies, will they manage to pass and beat the Tortoise and the Hare?
37 OD-EP37-01.png There's a lot of Witch Frogs! When a bunch of witch frogs suddenly show up inside the Maho-do it's up to the Ojamajo to keep an eye on them until they can get home.
38 OD-EP38-01.png Ryota and the Midnight Monster After one too many screw-ups as classmate gives up his passion. Will the ojamajo be able to restore it and teach him a healthy balance between things we like and the things we need to do?
39 OD-EP39-01.png Doremi's Boyfriend is a Junior High Student?! An older boy suddenly gains a crush on Doremi. While she's happily enjoying it, everybody else is very suspicious and believe it to be the work of a greater force...
40 OD-EP40-01.png Doremi Wins Easily? Level 3 Exam The ojamajo are set to take the notoriously hard 3rd witch apprentice exam!
41 OD-EP41-01.png Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory! The Ojamajo help a classmate rediscover his passion for a game he excels in, fighting against the banishment of the game in his household.
42 OD-EP42-01.png The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!? The ojamajo help fellow classmate, Kota Amano in a fight with the school bully after he accidentally gets Onpu in trouble.
43 OD-EP43-01.png Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories Tamaki runs away from home after her classmates make her realize her father may not care about her as much as she thinks.
44 OD-EP44-01.png I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler! The ojamajo encourage a classmate to follow her dreams of becoming a female pro-wrestler after she finds out her idol will be retiring.
45 OD-EP45-01.png Help Santa! The ojamajo are tasked with helping an elderly man after realizing he is Santa Claus and needs help delivering presents.
46 OD-EP46-01.png The Witches' Talent Show The ojamajo try to help Michiaki Watabe with his magic while they show off their best during their next exam!
47 OD-EP47-01.png Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting Aiko considers ruining her father's chance for a new relationship while he's on a date with a woman.
48 OD-EP48-01.png Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter? After a whole bunch of Onpu fanboys receive mysterious letters from her that she claims she didn't write, it's up to the ojamajo to solve this mystery and try to convince Onpu to help them.
49 OD-EP49-01.png I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Places on the Overnight Express Onpu gets a chance to see her father on the same day she has auditions. Along the way, she meets a shy girl and has to decide if she wants to risk missing her dad or helping her new friend.
50 OD-EP50-01.png The Final Witch Apprentice Exam The ojamajo must commit one good deed and receive thanks for their final exam. Will they manage to pass and become true witches?
51 OD-EP51-01.png Goodbye Maho-Dou The girls have finally achieved their dreams of becoming a witch; but after Onpu falls into a coma they are forced to make a big decision that may change their lives forever...