Ojamajo Adventure: Naisho no Mahou (lit.: Bothersome Witch Adventure: Secret magic) was the last Ojamajo Doremi video game made. It was produced by Amada Printing and came out for the PC. After it's initial release it became well-sought and can be very expensive to buy.

The game was delayed 3 times. It was originally supposed to be released on June 2004, but it was delayed until late August, then until October, in the end it was delayed until November 19th, when it was finally released.

This is one of the only video games made for the series that was a visual novel, rather than an educational game. In this VN you have to make different decisions that will mold your relationship with all the Ojamajos. Depending on what you do, you will manage to get to different scenarios and occurrences, and various endings too.


Majorhythm is a young witch that lives in the Witch World. She's madly clumsy, and her workmates are always mean to her because she can't do her job properly, and they say bad thing about her behind her back. One day, the Queen gives her an errand; she has to deliver a letter to Majorika. She goes to the Human World, but she quickly gets lost. Feeling defeated, she sits down on a swing in a park, where she meets and befriends Doremi. Thanks to Doremi, she manages to get to the MAHO-Do. There, she meets the rest of the girls, and after waiting outside the store for a while because Doremi had forgotten the keys, they end up reading the letter, since it was actually adressed to "Everyone at the MAHO-Do". The card reveals that the Queen would like the girls to let Majorythym stay with them for 8 days, so that they can teach her how to do her job properly.


Aiko and Majorythm read together

It starts by flashing slow still images of the main characters before proceeding to show the title. Then it shows Doremi standing outside until Aiko interupts. Then images of the Ojamajo in Kimono's are shown as fans spread behind them.


A closeup of Majorythm appears, then revealed is Doremi, Hana-chan, Hazuki and Aiko. Then Majorythm is shown reading a book with Aiko while a jealous Hana-chan watches. Then it skips to Doremi bringing Majorythm to the Maho-dou much to a shocked Hazuki.

The screen then changes to show Doremi standing while small colored circles spiral around her. Turning into gold hearts before flashing to reveal the witch formed Ojamajo inside of them. It also shows small random images like a japenese meal with big circles containing Doremi, Hana-chan and Pop in them and a confused Tamaki.

Majorythm bakes while the Ojamajo spy on her.

Another skip takes place showing screenshots of the school inside.

Then back to the Maho-dou where Doremi notices something that smells good. Revealing Majorythm to be baking while the Ojamajo in hamster form spy on her.

The camera proceeds to move around in a erratic fashion outside, as if to stimulate flying around. Then has a group shot of the Ojamajo in their witch form with a puff of smoke showing a new screen of all of them flying.

the group flying

After switching to a dramatic shot of Onpu and a surprised Tamaki in the background it flips to reveal Onpu in a concert. Then in a single group image short slow flashes pan to each of them once more before switching the image to a plate of cookies and a confused Doremi. But when Pop appears to scold her the others do the same before everyone changes back into their uniforms. Showing a happy Doremi before showing Majorythm holding her witch outfit.

Panels appear to show each Ojamajo casting magic as feathers float around the screen, then switches to Momoko and Majorythm flying during sunset and a random shot of Aiko staring confused at a milk carton.

Then for the ending it shows the ojamajo's in witch form once more, rolling onto the screen in a quick moment and a shocked Pop. Which then pans to reveal Majorythm, Aiko, And Doremi around her. For the final shot, it shows the game cases image and the group shot of the ojamajo in witch form.


  • The girls call Majorythm "Rizumu-chan", and she is referred as Rizumu in the game files.
  • Two color mistakes are present in the group shot of the girls riding their brooms: Hazuki's broom wasn't fully colored in, and Onpu's hat buttons are not colored. 
  • Besides two frames in the opening, Pop is shown in her pajamas during the game. Also note the orange-hue to her witch outfit. 
  • This is the only game with a 3D sequence in it. 
  • After its release, rumors claim that Majorythm was an early preview for the next season "Ojamajo Rainbow". However, this is only a well-known fan series made by Spanish fans. 


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