Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Secret of the Frog Stone was the second movie released for the Ojamajo Doremi series on July 14, 2001. The events of the movie are mostly centered on Aiko Senoo overcoming her fear of elderly people.


Doremi, her friends, and her family are visiting Doremi's Grandparents. Aiko fears Doremi's grandfather due to accident when she was young.

The group learn of the legend of the Frog Stone and a story of a couple. The witch apprentices, minus Pop, go in search of the stone.

They lose their powers, end up getting lost in the forest they're in, and talk to Aiko about what happened between her and her grandfather.

The group encounter what appear to be ghosts, but were actually Doremi's father and grandfather wearing masks as part of a tradition.

When they return to the cabin, Aiko's fears have receded and everybody starts crying and sobbing for Doremi's grandfather's death.


  • This film marks the only appearance of Doremi's grandparents
  • This movie is referenced in Episode 46 of Motto & Episode 38 of Dokkan.


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