Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Secret of the Frog Stone was the second movie released for the Ojamajo Doremi series on July 14, 2001. The events of the movie are mostly centered on the legend of the Frog Stone. It is also centered around Aiko Senoo overcoming her fear of Doremi's grandfather.


During summer, the girls, Pop, and Doremi's parents go to her grandparents' house in Hida. After a while, the girls notice both Keisuke and Yuusuke seem to be mad at eachother and that Aiko seems to be afraid of Yuusuke. That night, they also learn about the legend of Zenjuro and Mayuri, two lovers that couldn't meet after one of them was decapitated by the kingdom's ruler. Doremi and the others figure out that Mayuri and her mother were witches, so they decide to go visit the Frog Stone in secret, leaving the next morning.

After walking for a bit, Doremi gets tired, so they transform into witches to fly on their brooms. Minutes after they take flight, Hazuki's broom starts failing, and so do the rest, being barely saved by Aiko. When they manage to land, they realize their clothes have reverted to normal, and they can't transform again. Then, a frog starts crying, and the girls realize that Doremi's grandma's song starts becoming reality.

They get lost and run into a lonely tree, that has a cave-like interior. There, Aiko tells Momoko about the incident with her grandfather when she was three, and how that has affected her to this day. She feels better after it, and then they realize that the Frog Stone has actually been inside the tree all along. The other part of the gang encounters another "spirit", this time around wearing Mayuri's mask.

After they run back to the tree and reunite, the "spirits" take their masks off, revealing themselves to be Doremi's father and grandfather. Yuusuke is surprised that Keisuke actually remembered about the legend of the two lovers, finally making peace with him.

When they get back to the house, Momoko suggests that Aiko should go sit on grandpa's lap, and she does. Starting to overcome her fear of elder people. Then, she mentions the spots on his hands, and grandpa says that they are there due to his old age, and that he will probably die soon. The girls starts crying, saying they don't want him to go, as the movie comes to an end.


  • This film marks the only appearance of Doremi's grandparents, until the light novels.
  • This movie is referenced in Episode 46 of Motto, Episode 38 of Dokkan and Episode 3 of Naisho.


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