Episode No. Opening Clip Name Summary
1 MOD-EP1-001.png Doremi, a Stormy New Semester It's a brand new school year for Doremi and Co, but when they are suddenly summoned into the Witch World they soon meet a girl who plans on helping them with their next shop theme and together everybody uses magic to transform the Maho-dou!
2 MOD-EP2-001.png Momoko Cried!? The Secret of the Earring At school, Momoko refuses to let the school confiscate her earring. Momoko tells the story of her past in America, and how meeting Majomonroe helped her make friends.
3 MOD-EP3-001.png I Hate You! But I Would Like To Be Your Friend! While Momoko is annoyed with Reika, her attitude offends Hazuki and Onpu. Aiko advises Momoko to be more aware of other people's feelings.
4 MOD-EP4-001.png Welcome to the Sweet House! Miss Seki wants to go on a diet.
5 MOD-EP5-001.png The SOS Trio is Disbanding!? Sagawa and Ota have found Satou as a replacement for Sugiyama in the New SOS Trio. However, Sugiyama teams up with Ogura to form a comedy duo named Toyoken.
6 MOD-EP6-001.png Challenge! The First Patissiere Exam The girls go through the first Patissier Exam. Majomiller wants the girls to recreate scones that she ate in London 200 years ago.
7 MOD-EP7-001.png Welcome Back! Hana-chan Things get hectic when Oyajide takes Hana out of the Witch World. Momoko spends some time with Hana and they get to know each other.
8 MOD-EP8-001.png What Are True Friends? Nobuko gets a new friend, an artist named Miho Maruyama.
9 MOD-EP9-001.png Hazuki and Masaru's Treasure Yada is angry that Hazuki let Momoko keep a whistle that was a childhood treasure between them. Momoko is determined to patch things up.
10 MOD-EP10-001.png I Don't Want to Become an Adult! Students are pointing out Naomi 's breasts, causing her to be self-conscious about her body.
11 MOD-EP11-001.png The Unstoppable Teacher!! Miss Nishizawa is determined to become a better teacher and learn more control over the class.
12 200px Kotake VS Demon Coach Igarashi Igarashi is made the coach of the soccer team, and Kotake is not appointed as a regular while Itou is. Kotake is angry at both Igarashi and Itou.
13 200px I Want to Ride the Ship of Dreams! The girls and Hana go to Yokohama.
14 200px An Up and Down Happy Birthday Reika is accidentally invited to Momoko's party and unintentionally offends her.
15 200px Do you like Your Beautiful Mother? Or Hate Her? Hasebe hates his mother's job and wants her to quit.
16 16.07.JPG Just Being Delicious is Not Enough!? It's time for the next Patissier exam. Majosullivan wants to study the witch apprentices' environment and find a sweet that appeals for both looks and taste.
17 03.17.09.JPG Her Destine Rival!! Harukaze and Tamaki Pop, Doremi's sister, and Erika, Reika Tamaki's cousin, go at one another at what they do best.
18 18.09.JPG Scoop! A Child Idol's Day Onpu teaches Momoko Japanese while bringing her to the television station, but she is a little worried about singing in English in her new single.
19 03.19.05.JPG Nothing but Fights, Like Father, Like Son Nakajima-kun is angry with his father for not having any time for him anymore.
20 20.05.JPG A New Classmate A new classmate comes into Doremi's school. Due to some accidents, she begins to hate school...
21 21.11.JPG We're Out of Magical Ingredient The girls are out of magic powder and need to get more in the Witch World. Things get complicated along the way.
22 22.07.JPG Pop Becomes an Elder Sister?? A young child, younger than Pop, is lost. When the girl follows Pop, she declares her to be a big sister.
23 03.23.050.JPG Clams By the Shore The girls are at the third exam. They must make a sweet that Majoprima would like. They have to use the oven, it has to be on season, not too sweet and even a person who has no appetite must like it.
24 03.24.06.JPG Rock and Roll in the Music Club!? Hagiwara joins the Music Club but is unable to play guitar despite his father having been the lead singer of a now-disbanded group.
25 03.25.05.JPG A Lonely Summer Vacation What starts out as an accident turns out to be Doremi's worst day ever - until she finds a surprise waiting for her at the Maho-Do.
26 26.09.JPG Deliver Her Feelings! Aiko Goes to Osaka Aiko goes to Osaka with her dad.
27 27.08.JPG Break Through that Malicious Exam! Pop goes through her Level 3 Witch Apprentice Exam.
28 28.02.JPG All Sorts of Dangers at the Witch Kindergarten! A day in the Witch World's kindergarten is chronicled.
29 03.29.06.JPG Terror! The Curse of the Well The girls and Momoko go through a courage test.
30 03.30.02.JPG Please Give Us the Illusionary Recipe! The girls are trying to get a recipe book from Majoroxanne, the previous queen's personal cook, but the girls must defeat Majoparla, Majoroxanne's best cook in the restaurant.
31 31.10.JPG We'll Cure It! Her Hatred of Vegetables Complications arise when Hana is losing her power and dislikes vegetables. The girls get a recipe book to look for exotic vegetable sweet recipes for Hana.
32 32.12.JPG Momoko's Mom Training Momoko learns what being a mother means when it's her turn to raise Hana.
33 33.06.JPG Undefeatable!? The Ojamajo Lends a Helping Hand A dojo is in danger of closing out, and Momoko joins up, expressing an interest in Samurai.
34 03.34.06.JPG Remember! The Legendary Sweet The ojamajos are going on an adventure to find El Dorado.
35 35.06.JPG Tamaki, Taking Over!? Misora Elementary is choosing a class president. Reika becomes a candidate.
36 03.36.06.JPG Hazuki's Delicious Idea Hana won't eat a certain vegetable sweet recipe. Hazuki remembers her youth in order to get her to try it. In a side story that ties to the main one, one of the students in Pop's class, Sayaka, is going through the same problem prior to a luncheon in the school.
37 03.37.05.JPG The Fairies Want a Break!! Tired of being overworked, the fairies start a rebellion against their masters.
38 38.06.JPG I Want to Go to School Nagato, who entered Doremi's class as a new student, has become a hikikomori. Doremi and the others try to get her back on her feet and back to school.
39 03.39.06.JPG The School Performance! Who'll Be the Main Character? Pop and Erika are at odds again when they decide which play their class is to perform at the School Arts Festival. Finally deciding with Erika's idea to do Cinderella instead of Puss in Boots, they now compete on whether Kumiko or Erika gets the lead part. Meanwhile, Doremi and the girls run into their own troubles with their performance for the festival when Sawada, the Music Club's president, falls ill.
40 40.11.JPG Hana-chan, Digging for Potatoes! The girls and Hana go to a farm and learn how to cook potatoes from Aiko. They also get an exotic vegetable recipe for Hana to eat.
41 41.06.JPG Visiting the Village of The Magic Frogs Majoreed, the caretaker of the Witch-Frog village, is the next witch to run the Patissier Exam. The girls have to make a new sweet for the village.
42 03.42.05.JPG Heartpounding! The Mysterious Magic of the Twins Two twin siblings express different interests, but one girl catches a twin's eye.
43 03.43.06.JPG The Ojamajos Cross the Ocean The ojamajos go to New York.
44 03.44.02.JPG Ai-chan's Going Back!? Aiko is going to live with her mother in Osaka??
45 03.45.02.JPG Merry Christmas with Everyone! Now that Nagato is in school, she needs to get to class.
46 03.46.02.JPG A Messed Up Magical Year-End Celebration The ojamajos use magic to celebrate various holidays.
47 03.47.02.JPG Hana-chan's Big Adventure Hana spots a dog and goes off on her own outside the Maho-Do.
48 03.48.02.JPG No Hints! The Last Exam The final Patissier Exam, the final chance to prove the girls are worthy of their crystals. The person who runs the test looks familiar to Momoko, but it's not the same person.
49 03.49.02.JPG Please Wake Up! The Controlled Momoko Momoko becomes possessed by the past Queen, leaving her mind stuck in a dream. The other four girls and Hana reach out to her and save her.
50 03.50.02.JPG Goodbye Witch Apprentices The quintet of witch apprentices must remind the past Queen of her happy memories in order to get out of the cursed forest.