This is a general page Directory for any and all Doremi-related Merchandise. Each section has its own page so please list everything accordingly.

Ojamajo Doremi shop[]

A time-limited shop/cafe with various Ojamajo Doremi-related goods.

Please click: Ojamajo Doremi Shop - Ojamajo Cafe

Books and other paper craft[]

This area is for books and anything made of paper, such as manga, light novels, stationery, diaries, artbooks, cards, etc.

For the novels click here: Light Novel Series
This link is for paper/book products: Ojamajo paper products - Manga - Ojamajo Doremi TV Picture Books - Ojamajo Doremi Anime Comics
Ojamajo Doremi CGC: Ojamajo Doremi Card Game Collection - Ojamajo Doremi Card Game Collection/Card List


Plush for the series came in many forms, ranging from seasonal to normal outfits to witch costumes with fairies, etc.

Please click: Plush toys


One of the still living aspects in the series ranging from still statue figures, diorama pieces, figma with changeable pieces, etc.

Please click: Figurines


Things that are not plush or figurines. This can include play dolls, sets, musical toys, keychains, etc.

Please click: Random toys

Video games[]

Both throughout the series' original run and after it, different video games and similar digital content have been released, ranging from party games, to visual novels and mobile apps.

Please click: Video games


In each season CDs were produced for Ojamajo Doremi. These included background music, songs in the show (such as the theme and ending theme), Character Image Songs and story-like segments.

In total before the series ended, there were 45 CDs made.

To celebrate the new light novels, a few more CDs have been made based on the spin-off series.

Please click: CDs

Videos and DVD[]

Throughout the original run, many videos and DVD had been released for Ojamajo Doremi.

Please click: VHS Tapes, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs


T-shirts, dresses, shoes etc.

Please click: Clothes


Wear-able items that are not clothing, such as jewelry, cosplay essentials, etc.

Please click: Accessories


Anything not fitting in any other section should be placed here.

Please click: Other


Anything that was once planned to be included in the official Ojamajo Doremi merchandise line but was later excluded or never appeared.

Please click: Unreleased Merchandise


The Bootleg page is for fake merchandise.