"Jeez, you're such an Ojamajo!"

Majo Rika (マジョリカ, Majorika), also known as Rika Makihatayama, is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. Owner of the Maho-do, she was transformed into a Witch Frog after a startled Doremi Harukaze shouted "Witch!".

Since then, Majo Rika mentored Doremi and her friends as Witch Apprentices in hopes of returning to normal.

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Majo Rika is a mysterious and stingy witch whose greed often clouds her better judgment. Initially, she appeared resentful and bitter and was angry by the girls changes to the shop. But when they began bringing in profit she had a change of heart.


Majo Rika is a green witch frog with a single, long curled strand of hair. She has black button eyes and big, round red lips, and on her neck is a purple sphere. When traveling she often puts on a witch hat and shawl.

In her true form, Majo Rika is a thin elderly-looking woman with gentle red eyes and minor wrinkles, and she wears dark red lipstick and purple eye-shadow. Her dark green hair is worn in large, oval-shaped buns with a single curled strand left loose at her forehead. She wears a dark green one-piece with a shawl-like cape that has indigo coloring on the inside and a large, loose purple collar. She still wears her crystal ball, and she has a pair of pink and purple striped gloves, and gold loop earrings.

As a baby, she wore a mauve outfit with a cat-ear shaped hat that had gold stripes on it.


Majo Rika has a choleric temperament and is usually grumpy and cantankerous. She can't tolerate people who mess around or cause problems if they hinder her efforts, and won't hold back from bluntly criticizing others. She is easily set off and often bickers with others, but is quick to suck up to those who can be influential or provide her with something good. Calculating and self-serving, she adores money and showing off more than anything. She is prone to impulsive attempts to think up a quick plan to increase sales for a quick buck, but can also be frivolous and egotistical at times.

Due to her pride, Majo Rika struggles when it comes to honestly talking about how she feels or when she has been hurt by someone else and doesn't handle being talked down to very well. She also refuses to admit her wrong-doings, and she is often thought to be heartless and mean.

Deep down, Majo Rika thinks highly of her apprentices and she sees them as her daughters, even though they do often test her patience. She is willing to comfort them if one is truly hurt or in need of advice, and she is quick to compliment them for doing well or when they make progress. She also loves the Mahou-dou dearly and became depressed at the idea of being separated from it. As rough and strict as she comes off, Majo Rika loves to let loose and have fun. Over the series, she begins to soften up and become kinder when it comes to the girls.


As a witch, Majo Rika has strong magic capabilities and can enchant her magic goods by infusing a strand of hair with them. She can still use her magic as a witch frog and can usually be found using it to spoil herself with something she wants or summoning transportation.

Her fairy is Lala, and someone who she is close to. They usually get along and can hold normal conversations, but Lala enjoys teasing Majo Rika and pointing out her flaws, much to her aggravation. Lala always has a nice thing to say about Majo Rika though, and she clearly cares about her.

Majo Rika's Crystal Ball is a purple sphere. 


Majo Rika was raised by Majo Ririka, a kind, and elderly witch. As she was growing up, she soon met her long-time rival Majo Ruka, and would continuously sabotage each other and fight for ownership of the Mahou-dou in Misora City.


Majo Ririka[]

Majo Ririka was her adoptive mother during her infant year and they have a close mother-daughter relationship. Although Majo Rika keeps her true feelings to herself, she is shown to frequently worry over her and lovingly addresses her as "Mama Ririka".

Majo Ruka[]

For unknown reasons, the two of them had a harsh relationship growing up. They spent more time arguing and playing pranks on each other than focusing on important things, and their rivalry worsened after Majo Rika won ownership of the Mahou-dou in Misora City, Japan. Eventually, they reconcile and became drinking buddies, and they can be found hanging out together later on in the series.


They often bicker and argue, insulting each other's weak points and attitude. However, Majo Rika deeply cares about Doremi and is very dependent on her since she was the one who changed her. She will compliment her whenever she does well.


Majo Rika was short-tempered with Hazuki at first due to her inability to transform. But realizing how smart and good she is at spells encouraged her to be a little more considerate towards her knowing she's a good influence on Doremi.


Like Doremi, she initially didn't care for her, but she adores Aiko's business sense and soon came around to appreciate her. She believes Aiko is a good kid.


Majo Rika rarely ever gets angry with Onpu due to the fact she brings in a lot of money for the shop. She was envious of Majo Ruka because she had a talented apprentice like Onpu, but when she joined them she was proud of the results. She is grateful that Onpu comes to the Mahou-dou late at night to help with Hana.


Majo Rika's patience had been tested with Momoko due to how clingy she acted at first. After realizing that this was because she reminded her of Majomonroe, she began to lighten up on her.


Majo Rika is close to Hana and is seen as a secondary mother to her whenever the girls aren't around.


While she didn't enjoy her time as "Plush-chan", MajoRika loves Pop and openly rubs her competence in Doremi's face at the beginning of the series. As Pop is younger, she is willing to comfort her.


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Magical DoReMi[]

In the Magical Doremi dub, Majorika was given a deeper and gruff voice in comparison to her original raspy and high-pitched. Her negative attributes were increased.

Character Songs[]


  • She enjoys eating expensive meals with sake.
  • She is the known Apprentice Witch rejected from becoming a Pureleine due to her greed.
  • In Ojamajo Doremi, Majo Rika's age is hinted to be at least 800.
  • According to the novels, Majo Rika and Majo Ruka were born from a rose in the Witch Queen's garden and were possible candidates for becoming future Queens.
  • She has been previously appointed by the Witch Queen to take care of a baby witch.[1]
    • The baby was revealed to be Majo Doron, a witch mentioned in one CD drama.
  • Her name was inspired by Majolica Majorca, a line of makeup products from the brand Shiseido. In-story, she is presumably named after her foster mother "Majoririka".
    • Her surname she uses in the human world, Makihatayama, can be divided into three parts. "Maki" means winding, "hata" means machine or loom, and "yama" means mountain.