"I want to see the happy smiles of my customers."
―Kouei Ryu

Kouei Ryu is the owner of a restaurant in the Chinatown district of Yokohama. He wishes for his son, Koumei, to inherit his business in the future, however his son wants to follow his own dream and become a chef on a ship.



Like his son, Kouei has tanned skin and green eyes. His hair is onyx colored.


Like many Japanese fathers, Kouei is very strict and at times quite harsh with his son.


As a young man, Kouei had dreams of becoming a great ship's chef, and eagerly boarded one to study. However, not long after he got off back in his home of Yokohama, confessing to his friend Minori that he underestimated the challenge of being a ship's chef due to not being multilingual or understanding culturally specified cuisines. After Minori gave him some words of encouragement, Kouei decided to start over from the basics to towards his path of becoming a great chef.

Motto! Ojamajo Doremi

After a headed argument with Koumei a few hours prior, Kouei goes out looking for his son and finds him in a nearby park with Momoko, Doremi, and Hana. Kouei learns that Koumei had been helping the girls with their shop by making crepes and angrily grabs his arm to drag him home. Koumei yanks his arm away, refusing to go home, ensuing another fight. Koumei comments that training under him has been a waste of time, to which Kouei turns around and slaps his son across the face. Koumei cries his determination before running off once again. Momoko asks why he was being so harsh on his son. Kouei gives a vague answer before walking away and returning to his restaurant.

Koumei returns home later that day immediately putting on his apron to his father's surprise. The two make up, and make crepes together, which Koumei later delivers to the girls before they head home to Misora.