Crystal Ball (also known as Magic Crystal or Magic Jewel) is a special gem given to a witch or apprentice after she passes all of her exams and fills her Certification Poron. A symbol of being a witch, the Crystal Ball stores all of her magic inside of it, allowing her to cast magic freely without the use of Magic Seeds or Spheres

However, if the witch uses forbidden magic or if the crystal ball has a strong shock of magic or gets treated with brute physical force, it can shatter. Other witch can contribute in creating a new one for a witch who has lost theirs by shattering a part of her own Crystal Ball and transforming the fragment into a new one. However, this process weakens her own magic power and deteriorates her health in exchange.


Each witch gains a crystal ball that starts out small, fitting between her fingers like a marble. But over time it will grow to become palm-sized. Usually, the crystal ball is kept in clothing, a device, or as a broach or necklace. 

A crystal ball comes in many forms, shapes and colors, usually representing a witches personality or unique trait; but not always.

List of known Crystal Balls[]


  • Majorika - Purple sphere
  • Witch Queen - Blue sphere
  • Majoheart - Purple sphere
  • Majopi - Pink sphere
  • Majopon - Blue sphere
  • Majosloane - Green Sphere
  • Hana-chan - A crystal sphere
  • Majo Frog 1 - Orange oval/sphere
  • Majo Frog 2 - Red sphere
  • Majo Frog 9 - Blue sphere
  • Teal witch frog with three hairs - Orange sphere
  • Witch frog with curls on top - Red sphere
  • Olive witch frog with a single hair - Green sphere
  • Desert witch - A blue orb
  • Critic assistant - Turquoise orb
  • Two angry witches - Dull tea-rose flattened circles
  • Witch with strings 1 - Dark purple flattened orb
  • Witch with strings 3 - Teal orb
  • Witch with strings 4 - Pale purple orb
  • Majoririka - Orange sphere

Basic Shapes[]

  • Hazuki - Orange heart
  • Aiko - Blue diamond
  • Majo frog 3 - Blue curvy triangle
  • Majotake - Red triangle
  • Majo Frog 6 - Thick green triangle
  • Majo Frog 7 - Purple diamond
  • Majo Frog 8 - Red diamond
  • Witch frog with curly pigtail hair - Magenta heart
  • Witch frog with small curls on top - Purple diamond
  • Witch frog with four hairs - Green triangle
  • Witch maze witch - Purple upside-down triangle
  • Door witch - Turquoise triangle
  • A witch performer - White upside-down triangle
  • Angry witch - Dull red diamond

Magical Shapes[]

  • Majomonroe - Mauve star
  • Mota - Yellow crescent moon
  • Motamota - Green crescent moon facing in the opposite direction
  • Witch Queen - A purple star
  • Majovanilla - Purple four-point star 
  • Majoume - Orange crescent moon
  • Witch Critic - Purple crescent moon
  • Angry Witch - Green crescent Moon


  • Onpu - Purple teardrop
  • Majoruka - An upside-down teal raindrop or magatama 
  • Dela - An amber magatama
  • Witch with Strings 2 - Pale violet droplet
  • Head-Turning trick attempt Witch - Thin yellow droplet
  • Baby Exam 2 Witch - Blue droplet
  • Baby Exam 2 Witch 2 - Teal droplet



  • The most common colors for crystal balls would be blue and purple.
  • The most common shape is a sphere/orb.
  • All witch queens possess a star-shaped orb. 
  • They are known as Orbals in the English dub.